Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) EZ (08OCT2014).- Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) is Israel’s largest aerospace and Defense Company and a globally recognized technology and innovation leader, specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced, state-of-the-art systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber and homeland security. Since 1953, the company has provided advanced technology solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide including: satellites, missiles, weapon systems and munitions, unmanned systems, robotic systems, electronics, radars, C4ISR , navigation systems and EO payloads.  IAI also designs and manufactures business jets and aero structures, performs overhaul and maintenance on commercial aircraft and converts passenger aircraft to refueling and cargo configurations.

IAI places an important emphasis on the Latin American market. The company operates its offices in Colombia for over twenty-five years, an indication to the long-lasting business relations with Colombia. IAI will display at Expodefensa 2014 a variety of advanced Homeland Security (HLS) solutions.

As one of the leading global manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems, IAI’s experts will present trends, technologies and innovations at the UNVEX conference in Bogota

In recent years, IAI has been investing and developed a comprehensive suite of cyber-intelligence solutions, cyber early warning and cyber training and simulation systems for defense, intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security applications.

IAI's rich Legacy in Defense Situation rooms, Signal Intelligence, Communication and Electronic Warfare (EW) enables it to master and confront Cyber challenges as a modern EW – applying advanced algorithms and tools to identify, and generate cyber situational awareness, allowing to detect and mitigate sophisticated cyber-attacks.

In order to meet the ever growing cyber challenges, IAI has designed a holistic approach, incorporating cyber intelligence, cyber forensics & cyber security capabilities into a single unified framework. This approach allows an effective and efficient utilization of resources, creates a comprehensive cyber intelligence and defense picture, and provides cyberspace intervention as needed. The framework is designed as an open, modular, flexible & hierarchical system: subsets and elements of the framework can be implemented as stand-alone components and/or integrated with other, indigenous or 3rd party systems.

IAI is investing a lot of effort into aiding customers with their capability buildup in the areas of cyber intelligence, defense and forensics. To that effect, IAI has developed a Cyber Range & Cyber Forensics Lab, combining best of breed commercial off the shelf (COTS) capabilities with novel statistical capabilities, as well as cyber forensics, operations research and impact analysis models.

IAI has expanded its well established and proven offerings in the area of maritime security to provide comprehensive, affordable and operationally proven solutions for securing the national Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) Super Dvora FAC MRK IIIIn addition, IAI develops the Super Dvora FAC MRK III; a robust, flexible attack/patrol platform that is equally at home in coastal waters and protecting offshore platforms.

One of the basic requirements for EEZ security is the development and maintenance of the situation awareness picture; a capability obtained by naval forces for military use, but not often implemented for routine security operations. For the EEZ security application IAI tailors an integrated system which provides an affordable, reliable and efficient coverage of a broad area, relying on coastal, aerial, space and naval-based assets or sensors. Such assets or sensors are interconnected through a command, control and communications network, to provide integrated broad area surveillance, situational understanding and rapid response to evolving conditions.”

EEZ security programs are designed especially to protect offshore oil and gas platforms, as well as fisheries and other mineral resources, along with monitoring of marine traffic, and preventing incursions and other illegal activities. 

IAI's EEZ security concept consists of distinct four layers:

Detection: This layer utilizes a network of coastal-based radar stations, electro-optical sensors and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) sensors which are connected to a central command and control center,  integrated together using advanced algorithms to providing multi-sensor data to the operator. For coastal defense and protection of strategic sites IAI provides coastal defense radars and low-level threat air defense radars, which can also be installed on offshore rigs for point defense applications. 

Classification: The second layer is the classification layer, where indications of thousands of targets detected by the system’s sensors are processed and analyzed. Targets are obtained by various sources of information –such as ground radars, satellite imagery, ground and space SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) radar scans, information systems and intelligence databases - all of which are classified and correlated in order to create an integrated multi-intelligence situation- awareness picture.

Identification: This level combines automated information processing and surveillance - both deriving their strengths from IAI’s heritage in special mission aircraft and ground command and control and exploitation systems.  

Prevention & Actionable Response: The fourth layer of the EEZ security system is the operational layer, focusing on actionable response – where manned or unmanned various platforms are deployed to intercept, search and identify, or routine ‘show the flag’, evidence gathering or law enforcement. The services provided by IAI enable the system’s control to allocate available assets to perform missions of the highest priorities, launch aerial surveillance and patrol aircraft or direct to the required arena a FAC such as the Super Dvora MK III or Mini Dvora, both manufactured by IAI.