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Mobile Forensics Specializing (19MAY2015).- Ended the Fifth International Exhibition of Technology for Defense and Disaster Prevention, SITDEF 2015, we wanted to investigate among some of the participating companies how was your experience at the event. Mr. Magnus Anseklev of the swedish company MSAB, specializing in Public Security and Mobile Forensics, has granted us this exclusive interview.

Why care about the Peruvian market?

The Peruvian market is growing fast and with it the use of mobile phone technologies. The use of mobile phones and smartphones is growing exponentially, and also the use of applications. MSAB provides the law enforcement organizations with true forensic solutions to extract and analyse data from mobile phones. Our complete integrated solution secures ease of use, and allowing the user to make fast decisions based on forensically safe input.

What products or services brought to the show?

We showcased XRY Complete (best in class mobile devise extraction tool), XAMN (the world´s leading mobile device analysis tool), Pinpoint (a fully integrated extraction tool for non-standard handsets/chipsets), XRY field Version (for extractions in the tough environments in the field), and XRY tablet (a solution for mobile device extractions with high demand of ease of use, follow up and governance). Also our KIOSK solution aimed for local police offices that are assuming some of the work to extract the evidence, in a forensic manner, from people that wants to report a crime locally. The KIOSK solution allows the person to report a crime and walk away with its phone, as the XRY extraction is saved in the Police server.

Why is mobile phone forensics so important?

Today all of us are using our mobile phones as part of our daily lives. We are able to help the Police and other organization in a structured and forensic manner extract information related to social media, applications, emails, geo data, calls, contacts, sms/mms etc. Not only do we help to find this information in the devices but we can also within minutes, define relations between a number of devices, put the information on a time line or on a map and increasingly important re-establish conversations between two devices using various types of media to communicate.

How do you manage to keep up with the fast pace of the Industry? Isn’t it difficult?

MSAB is a very powerful SW provider with very competent staff. New SW is released every 2-4 months to keep up with new devices and applications. We have some 80 SW engineers, from all around the world, working full time and they are truly best in class when it comes to find ways to extract data from mobile devices.

Who are targeted its products or services?

Criminalística de la Policía

Inteligencia de la Policía

Policía Anti Narcotráfico

Policía Anti Secuestro

Policía de Inmigración

Policía Comisarias (para recibir denuncias)

La Aduana

Las Cárceles

La Fiscalía (crimen financiero, etc.)

Ejercito Ciber-crimen

Ejercito Inteligencia y Anti Narcotráfico

Fuerzas Navales (contrabando, inmigración,etc)

Fuerzas Aeronáuticas (rescates/investigación de accidentes aeronáuticos)

Bomberos – rescates después de catástrofes

Why in Peru they should buy your products or services?

To secure the Peruvian Law enforcement is at par with existing leading technologies with the aim to fight crime.  Having access to digital evidence that has been acquired in a 100% forensic manner is critical today. As many crimes are being committed through the use of mobile devices, the Peruvian Law Enforcement will benefit from the use of XRY, XAMN and PIPOINT without any doubt. In this context it is also important that experts are adequately trained. IN many parts of the world the legal system requires that expert can show a formal certificate when testifying at court for the benefit of the state prosecution.

How are you different from your competitors?

We are a Swedish company that is dedicated to help making the world a safer place. We are only focusing on mobile forensics and in this business for the long term. We have developed our own proprietary software, “.XRY”. This focus has taken us to the leading position we enjoy today. Our products are fully integrated making an extraction more intuitive and faster. Technically we have many functions that stands out. For example that we allow our users to make 3 simultaneous forensic extractions allowing for a higher productivity. We support more than 15.000 device profiles including more than 625 applications and its revisions. The latter is every day more important as people are changing its ways to communicate using more and more applications.

How many people were part of the delegation?

I represented MSAB and we were present at SITDEF in cooperation with our local reseller Iafis Peru.

What do you think of the organization and logistics of the event?

It was great!

What were the results of their participation in the event?

We made some very good presentation to various organizations in Peru. We could showcase our leadership position to a number of law enforcement representatives.

You were visited by VIPs?  

A few yes, but it could always be more.

You were interviewed during the fair by any means of communication?

Yes by you!

You have permanent representative in Latin America? (Who is it?)

Yes we have our LATAM HQ in Sao Paulo. 

You have permanent representative in Peru? (Who is it?)

Yes, Iafis Peru and Robinsson 2000

You have permanent representative in Colombia? (Who is it?)

Yes. We work with Robotec, Internet Solutions, and Iafis Colombia

Hotel services, transportation and meals made use of in Lima, they were satisfactory?

Yes great! The food in Lima is spectacular. Peruvian cousine is one of the best in the world without any doubt.

It will participate in SITDEF 2017?

Yes most likely

You will be presented in November in Expodefensa 2015 (Colombia)?

Yes most likely.


MSAB, founded in 1983 and is today the global leader in mobile forensics.

Business area: Public Security, Mobile Forensics.

Location Country: Sweden.

Questionnaire respondent: Magnus Anseklev.

Contact Information Company:

Representative in Peru: Iafis and Robinsson 2000.